You Don’t Have To Hit A Home Run

One of the most common things I hear in entrepreneur groups is, “I’ve got a billion dollar idea. I just need to figure out how to sell it.”

Maybe you do. You probably don’t. Because ideas are easy. Anyone can come up with an idea. It’s the ability to execute that idea that makes it worth a billion dollars.

So many people think that all they need to do is endure one, single, crazy, intense burst of creativity….and their dreams will come true.

That’s wrong. And it’s a massive cause of failure.

Want to set yourself apart from the masses? Stop trying to be Snapchat. Or Uber. Or Bruno Mars.

Everyone is comparing themselves to the most unlikely success stories imaginable and trying to figure out how to be the next Elon Musk or the next Beyonce or the next Ryan Gosling.

You don’t have to have to hit a home run.
You don’t have to have a Royal Flush to win.
You don’t need a hole-in-one.

And, in business….or acting….or music….or art.….you don’t need to make a big, dramatic, heroic quest thing about it.

I’d recommend something far simpler.

Hone your craft.
Put in the work.
Become so good at something you can’t be ignored.

Success, when it happens, is the result of someone showing up consistently and doing the work.

And the breakthrough moment often happens in the dark….when no one is around….when you’re exhausted….

….when you were so focused on getting things done that you didn’t notice you were about to cross the finish line.

Stop looking for the fame/billionaire fairy to come along and grant your wish of “overnight success with little commitment”.

She ain’t coming.

The good news is that you CAN make a living — even create wealth — by doing what you love to do.

Do you know what that is?

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