How To Get Your Spouse/Partner To Support You In Your Business/Goals

Have you ever thought, “Man, I wish my spouse would support me in my business?”

Or have you ever told someone, “My spouse doesn’t really support me?”

It’s actually a pretty common problem whether you’re starting a home business, a hobby, a weight-loss plan, or any major change in your life.

So, today, I’m going to give you the secret for getting support from the people around you for your new goal.

But, first, I have to tell you….my kitchen counter is a wreck.

Well, not all of it.  But that one corner under the cabinet where we keep bread, crackers, tea and sugar?

Yeah, it looks like a bomb went off.

Why?  Because it has all the “stuff” that I’m using for losing weight on a high-fat/low-carb diet.

It’s got my coconut oil, my grass-fed butter, my fiber supplement, my multi-vitamin, my protein powder, my Vitamix, etc.

Now, if I know my wife, she’s not a big fan of this arrangement.  She loves a neat, clean, tidy kitchen counter.

But she hasn’t said a word.  Know why?

Because she’s supporting me in my weight-loss.


Can you succeed without other people’s support?  Yes.  But it’s 100X harder.

But…..what IS “support”?

For most people, they don’t actually need their spouse to help them.

They just don’t want their spouse to give them a hard time about what they’re doing.

(Or they want to be able to talk about what they’re doing without their spouse criticizing them.)

So, I’m going to give you TWO tips for getting support for your business or your goal.

The FIRST one is….

1.  Ask for their support in advance.

Have you ever considered that your spouse, partner and friends might not KNOW you want their support?  Have you considered that they don’t know it’s important to you?  Have you actually had the conversation with them?  Because, if you haven’t, sometimes that’s all it takes.

It’s not hard.  But, if you’re expecting some pushback, it will require some humility or vulnerability on your part.

You just go to your spouse and say, “Hey, there’s something I want to do.  And I’m committed to succeeding.  But your opinion about what I do is important to me.  And I’m not sure I can do this if I don’t have you in my corner.”

Or, depending on your relationship, you can just say, “Hey, I’m sick and tired of this problem I keep creating.  And I’m committed to doing something about it.  Can I count on you to support me while I go fix this?”

You’ll find that simply having that conversation IN ADVANCE is a big step toward getting the support you want

The SECOND tip….

2.  Define what “support” means to you.

Don’t expect people to read your mind.

They don’t know what you need if you don’t tell them in advance.

Take my weight-loss journey….

I told Jessica, “Babe, I’m going to make a run toward a weight-loss goal.  And the strategy I’m using is probably going to mean two things:  some different restaurant choices occasionally…..and I’m going to need to take over some counter-space in the kitchen that’s probably going to look weird for the next few weeks.  Can we work together on this?”

And here’s the thing:

Jessica and I have been married for over 18 years.  She knows me.  And I knew she would support me in this…

…but by ASKING her in advance and DEFINING what “support” meant to me….I was inviting her on the journey.

See how it works?

It’s not hard.

And you’ll find that the people who are closest to you will usually say, “Absolutely.  I’ll do whatever I can to support you in your goal.”

Enroll your family and friends in your goal and in your dreams.

You’ll often be surprised that the support you wanted was waiting for you all along!

Press on, you beautiful thing, you.

Tony Rush

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